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C. J. Consulting and Services provides a variety of services to meet the needs of institutions and individuals seeking to reach their full potential and navigate the trenches of daily life. We provide on site or remote help by offering consultations, coaching, training and workshops, retreats, mediation and circle processes for the resolution of conflict or the exploration of meaningful and relevant issues. Contact us to find out which service or services best fit your needs.

Consultation Services

Consultation services are available for schools seeking to develop or improve organizational efficiency, build community and empower staff. Discussion with the school administration begins the process of  understanding the  school's  needs and goals.  Recommendations for improvement and enhancement are detailed in a comprehensive report after classrooms, specific programs and daily operations are observed and assessed over a period of one to several  days and discussed with school decision makers.

Trainings and Workshops

Trainings and Workshops are available for educators, parents, staff, and school or business leaders to develop skill and explore a variety of critical issues important for individual and institutional growth and optimal effectiveness.  Participants engage in experiential and interactive activities designed to build skill and develop understanding around topics that are self selected for relevance and meaning to the group. A detailed list and description of topics is available.


Retreats are offered over several days for in-depth exploration and self-care so that participants can become more intentional and mindful in their daily lives. The more passionate and dedicated we are about our work and our life, the more vital it is that we take the time to renew and care for ourselves. Our process is rooted in the belief that our service to others flows from the identity and integrity of our life and invites us to reclaim our wholeness and clarity of purpose within the context of the Circle. Our retreats are tailored to meet the needs of the group and are a blend of the peacemaking circle process and the work of Parker Palmer's Circles of Trust.

Mediation Services

Mediation services are available on site or remotely and can take anywhere from one to two hours for one or multiple sessions depending on the nature and extent of the conflict. 

   Mediation is a process in which individuals are facilitated by a neutral third party to define issues and problems, develop options, consider the best alternatives and reach agreements that are mutually acceptable to both parties. The conflict is defined by the parties with the aid of the mediator. The parties are responsible for the decisions and the final agreement is written in their words and belongs to the parties. Mediation results in improved   communication, strengthened relationships and the resolution of conflict.



Circle Facilitations

Circles are an alternative process of communication, based on traditional discussion, and practices of native peoples through out the world. The use of the circle provides a way to bring people together to explore issues or have difficult conversations and to work through conflict or differences. It is a way of getting the most complete picture people can have of themselves, each other, and the issue at hand to enable them to move forward in the most positive way.   Circles have been adapted for many communities have been used for many purposes. They have been highly successful in a number of settings. Circles have been used in schools to help create positive classroom climates and resolve behavior problems, and in the workplace to deal with conflict, as well as a number of other settings for a variety of purposes.

 Coaching Services

Individual and conflict coaching is  available to school leaders and individuals seeking to discover the means to bring clarity and authenticity to their life's work,  resolve a particular conflict or develop their own leadership skills. Coaching is a one on one process to develop understanding and interaction strategies and skills. Coaching sessions can be done on site or remotely and vary in the number of hours based on individual need. As noted by Parker Palmer, "Whether you are a mother or a magnate, it takes courage to lead and lead well."

What people are saying.....

"We were in the process of trying to unite our school community after a very difficult year. Claire helped us work through these struggles by taking the time to talk to each teacher to express themselves in the circle process. What makes her approach so effective was that she was able to create an environment that allowed teachers to feel safe to express their thoughts and feelings. This process gave us the tools to rebuild our community and resolve our differences."

- Allison Bond, Director Brown Memorial Weekday School

“I have known Claire for many years and found her to be an invaluable resource for all things Montessori. She is careful, insightful, thoughtful, as well as thought provoking. Her broad international experience gives her a perspective like few others in our field.”

- John Moncure, Ph.D. Headmaster, The Montessori School of Camden

"Throughout the time I have known and worked with Claire I have found her to be professional, respectful, and conscientious. She is always interested in learning as well as contributing in a thoughtful manner. Claire has a breadth of experience and knowledge that she incorporates into the projects to which she has committed. Her background as a school leader, workshop presenter, mediator, and peace educator have made her an asset to the Montessori community." 

-Kathy Leitch Executive Director International Montessori Council (IMC)

"I first met Claire in 2005 . She is passionate about the Montessori method of education with special interest in the peace component. Claire is a long-standing loyal and committed member of the Montessori community."

-Lorna McGrath, Director of IMC School Accreditation Program, Director of the Montessori Family Alliance

I have known Claire Salkowski for 35 years. Claire is an esteemed colleague, and one whom I've come to rely on many times for support and advice. Claire's expertise in the areas of school management, leadership, human resources, finance, curriculum development and Montessori philosophy are second to none. In addition, the care, sensitivity and professionalism with which Claire operates creates a safe and supportive environment for those with whom she works. Claire gets my very highest recommendation!

Andrew Kutt, Founder & Head of Upper School  Oneness-Family Montessori School

"Claire is a focused, organized professional who has a vast amount of knowledge in all aspects of the Montessori education and also the administration of a school program. She has amazing stamina during the school year to envision and implement programs that are appropriate for specific families within the school community. Her wealth of knowledge and experience make her an invaluable member of any program. She is an individual who can be relied upon to be a strong team member and a leader within the community.  Claire's passion and commitment to the Montessori movement is evident within her résumé. She has pursued additional degrees in her career enabling her to be a resource for parents in need of guidance with their children's behavior. Peace Education is a core belief of hers along with her mediation and Circle skills in conflict resolution."

Martha Dwyer-Bergman

School Founder and Owner Emeritus, East Aurora Montessori School

“Claire is a Montessori teacher who is dedicated to guiding the child in his or her own peaceful developmental journey. Her contributions to extending the Peace Curriculum within IMS were extremely helpful. Claire is also a person who seeks a new challenge and demands a great deal of personal growth from herself, and is dedicated to making a meaningful difference.” 

-Anne Sawyer, School Founder and Supervisor, International Montessori School in Hong Kong

Costs ​vary by Service. Contact us for more information on how we can meet your needs and stay within your budget.

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