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C. J. Consulting and Services

Offering processes and practices for personal and organizational growth, skill building, the resolution of conflict, and the creation of community and in the home, school, work place and society.

" The prospect of true peace makes us turn our thoughts to the triumph of justice and love among men, to the building of  a better world where harmony reigns...Social peace and harmony can only have one foundation: man himself."

                                   - Dr. Maria Montessori

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Claire J. Salkowski 

Claire J. Salkowski is the Principal Consultant for C. J. Consulting and Services, a Montessori educator and an ADR practitioner  having worked as a school founder, teacher, administrator, accreditation specialist, teacher trainer, facilitator, mediator and presenter, nationally and internationally for over 40 years. She was also the Director of the Montessori Education Program at Delaware State University and Mediation and Educational Programs at the North Baltimore Center of Mosaic Community Services and currently continues serving with several Montessori and ADR organizations.

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