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History and Background

   C. J. Consulting and Services, led by principal consultant, and founder, Claire J. Salkowski, has offered a multitude of educational and conflict resolution services to individuals, schools, and organizations for almost twenty years. Our comprehensive approach focuses on the development and leadership of individuals and institutions and the peaceful resolution of conflict.  We provide training, workshops, retreats, consultation and coaching for educators, school and business leaders, parents, community organizations and learning communities nationally and internationally. We offer a variety of intervention strategies for the resolution of conflict including mediation, peacemaking and restorative circles, community conferences and conflict coaching. We tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of the individual or the institution to enhance relationships, and restore or build community.  Our trainings, workshops and retreats educate students and adults in the skills of peacemaking, self-care and the constructive resolution of conflict. Our work with organizations facilitates community building, strategic planning and improved institutional effectiveness.

   Formed by our principal consultant, Claire J. Salkowski, C. J. Consulting and Services is the outgrowth of her more than 40 years of experience as an educator, administrator and ADR practitioner. Claire has been privileged to work in a variety of settings including both public, private and Montessori schools, several colleges and universities, and community health centers focused on providing mediation and educational programs. She brings a wealth of experience, skill, and passion to the work and the world.

Our Vision 

Our vision is a peaceable society that honors the identity and integrity of every person, every community, everywhere.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a range of educational and conflict resolution services that empower individuals and institutions to meet their full potential and to find a deepened sense of purpose and meaning in their lives and their work, for the benefit of all.

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