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Mediation Services

Conflict is a fact of life. It impacts each of us every day, yet our ability to manage conflict effectively can make the difference between leading a positive, healthy life or spiraling into cycles of violence, and dysfunction.

Mediation Services and Peer Mediation Program

Provided by highly experienced professional mediators to deal with family and school issues around such areas as truancy, special needs IEP issues, teacher-parent conflicts, teacher-administrator conflicts, etc. Student mediators conduct mediation at school with their peers after graduating from a 20 hour training program developed within the school.

  • During the mediation process which is voluntary and confidential, participants work with a mediator who remains neutral to make decisions in a manner that reduces stress, fosters cooperation, and creates long standing and fair solutions acceptable to all parties. It opens the door to better communication and improved relationships.
  •  Parties define their own issues or problems and are encouraged to develop options, consider the best solutions and reach agreements that are mutually acceptable to all parties (Win-Win).
  • Mediation may be between two or more people. Sessions last from 1-3 hours based on the complexity of the issues and may or may not require multiple sessions. 
  • In take is immediate and sessions are scheduled as quickly as possible based on the needs of the parties.
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